Problems with head lice

27 Jan

Lice are tiny insects that do not have wings. head liceThey are brownish colour and they are generally microscopic when they’re born. That is exactly why it’s not easy to see them. Adult head lice are often about the dimensions of a tiny sesame seed. Head lice can not fly or swim and also they only  by particular person coming in contact with the other person.

How can the head lice reproduce

It begins with a lady louse laying eggs near the hair roots to keep the eggs comfortable and warm. The eggs hatch out about seven days later and little lice are delivered. The eggs or the empty eggshells stay stuck on your hair. As soon as your hair grow out the eggshells become visible and you will recognize that there’s something white-colored stuck to your head. Then you will realise that you almost certainly have lice. It’s going to take them about 7 to 10 days for being fully grown. When they’re grown they begin to move from one particular head to some other, usually looking for a new residence.

Females may lay eggs already right after the 6th day after she was born. So to get rid of lice you have to take action quickly and get rid of those lice before the sixth day. If you don’t then this cycle starts over again because 1 lice can lay around ten eggs every day.

The best way to find them

To locate all those tiny bugs you must look for them very carefully. combing lice out of hair

You have to search your entire head taking one small area of hair at a time. You should do this in a very good light or you might miss out on them. The eggs are extremely small however you can spot them because they’re really white. You can only find the eggs very close to the hair follicles. The eggs are glued on your hair with a powerful compound.

Who do you have to treat

Only folks who suffer from head lice need to be technically treated, however it is recommended to look at your whole family for lice. Specially when a kid is carrying lice, because you will be in close contact with the youngster. The best method is to soak the hair and apply a thin hair comb to look through the hair completely. Once yourkid has head lice then it is a good idea to inform other parents of youngsters that your kid is in contact with and the school. Without treating everyone the little one might be in touch with the head lice will probably be back as before.

Tips on how to avoid lice from coming back again?

The first thing to do is to clean every thing which you’ve had contact with. Make sure you use hot temperature. You really need to clean linens, hats, outfits, neckties and headgear to be certain. On the other hand don’t need to clean the whole house, due to the fact that the head lice aren’t able to live for an extended time with out human beings. It’s going to take them just a few days to die from malnourishment.

Hope this helped on how to get rid of lice.


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